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The role of national mass media such as newspapers, magazines, TVRI, RRI is quite important in Indonesia as a means of national integration. Many newspapers and other mass media published in Jakarta but spread to reach out to all districts, as well as local newspapers were able to penetrate into other regional markets. Other communication tools are telephone, which has developed rapidly since the new order until now, along with the modernization of telecommunications, spearheaded by Telkom and Indosat. Integrative nature of this phone is evidenced by the many conversations that include long-distance inter-city average of 30% of the monthly telephone subscription fees.
Rapid development in transportation resulted in population geographic mobility can be faster, safer, convenient, and inexpensive. Form of mobility can transmigration, migration and tourism, both among local, national, regional and even global. The increasing mobility of people and events of national and local tourism impact and strengthen the sense of national unity.