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1. Geography.
itt tech student portal o Location of Indonesia, which consists of the islands and the islands have different characteristics. Potential areas for secession is the most remote areas of the capital city, or area of ​​great influence from neighboring or border regions, areas that have a large global influence, such as tourist areas, or areas that have abundant natural kakayaan.
2. Demographics.

itt tech student portal o Influence (treatment) and the central government equity or uneven distribution of the population is a factor of the disintegration of the nation, in addition to the low level of education and human resources capabilities.
3. Natural Resources.
siu salukinet The natural wealth of Indonesia is very diverse and abundant and uneven distribution can lead to the possibility of disintegration, because it covers things such as managing, sharing, coaching in case of damage resulting from the management.
4. Ideology.
o Lately, religion is often used as the principal issue in the conflict in this country, it is due to lack of understanding of the religious affiliations and other religions. If this condition is not handled wisely can ultimately lead to the possibility of the disintegration of the nation, therefore the need for special handling of religious leaders regarding religious issues and the deepening of communication between the leadership of religious communities on an ongoing basis.
5. Politics.
o The political problem is an aspect that is easiest to ignite a variety of discomfort or lack of calmness in society and often lead to conflicts between different communities understand if not handled wisely will lead to social conflict in society. In addition discrepancy central government policies imposed on local governments also often lead to differences in the interests of social conflict that eventually arise because it is felt there is injustice in the management and distribution of results or other things like the feeling of local governments that have been able to independently and no longer needs help from the central government, inter-party conflict, which weakens the coalition cabinet of national resilience and conditions of uncertainty and unfair due to the legal uncertainty.